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Irrigation systems: a purposeful watering of all the garden plants, using a controlled water amount.
Completely automatic, weather you are at home or not!

Your garden certainly makes a strong impression about the whole house; it should be a place of a spiritual peace and quiet. No matter you are at home, it is raining or it is sunny – the irrigation system will provide you with time usually spent on watering the plants, and will give you a new feeling of pleasure. Having this system, never again will you have to worry about the proper watering.

We are offering to you an irrigation system that will function perfectly and will be adjusted to your garden. Thus we guarantee an even growth of all the plants during the dry or the warm weather period. 

A preliminary installation plan is essential so as for the whole irrigation system to function in best possible way for your garden. We are aware that some drafts are particular and therefore entail a specific knowledge. Our service includes an installation blueprint for the entire irrigation system, and this particular service is completely free of charge for private objects. An automatic irrigation system means enormous advantages for your garden, and often it is not as expensive as you thought it would be.

We implore you to buy your irrigation system only from authorized contractors and established manufacturers, which have a long-term tradition in this business. Greensun works only with verified systems. Our service includes blueprint, advices and maintenance. 


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