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The ABCs of a beautiful lawn are: Correct lawn cropping, airing out, fertilization and watering.

Dense, lush and lusciously green – thus a perfect lawn should look like. However, without a help of a gardener, the lawn is often a long way from the ideal vision of how it should look like. Nevertheless, no matter how it looks like, all the problems can be eliminated with enough water and some correct interventions which are necessary for a beautiful and healthy lawn.

„Throw a little seed, water and wait until the grass grows out“– this is exactly one of the most spreaded false believes. In the first place, the most important thing is a correct lawn cropping, because if the grass is cut too low, it becomes dry and looses its minerals. The surface also needs to ventilate, and for that we need a special device which automatically draws out all the things accumulated in the lawn that has been preventing the proper growth. Airing out the lawn, we stimulate the grass to its optimal growth. By doing that, we have best possibly prepared the surface for the eventual reseeding. If you want to be sure how much fertilizer and other minerals your lawn needs, you should also do the analysis of the ground, in order to exactly know how much and in what proportion to drift all the minerals your lawn needs.

If we are to prepare a completely new surface scheduled for a lawn, the land has to be taken care of properly before fertilization and seeding, because later on, it is much harder to correct the mistakes done in this preparation state. The choice of the seed and of the fertilizer is also of great importance. In the end, it is of utmost significance that the whole surface gets watered properly. The ideal thing would be to have an automatic irrigation system which brings specific and important advantages throughout the whole year.


If the ground is compressed, then the grass needs ventilation - in order to remove all of the felt and moss accumulated, and also to disable further overgrowing of the weed. The best time to do this is early in the spring, and the procedure can be repeated early in the fall if required. Thus your lawn gets optimally prepared for the whole growing season and for all of the possible encumbrances it may be exposed to.

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