• Arranging of a garden
• Arranging of a lawn
• Irrigation systems

The name Greensun stands for competence, expertise and professional service in all areas of horticulture. Our main goal is to help you realize your idea of a beautiful garden. 

The art of gardening is a skill necessary for the dream of a beautiful garden to come true.

Greensun is founded in Our gardeners received their training in gardening through various studies and schools, and were apprentice in many firms before deciding to share among us all of our visions, ideas and experience in gardening. Doing that, we realized that the others often unconsciously make mistakes, mostly because their lack of experience, interest or competence. On the other hand, through experience and constant practice, our team always improves and engages itself in a new, emotional and breath-taking art of gardening.

Arranging a new garden, renovating an old one, irrigation systems, putting up panels, working with natural stone – this is just one part of our field of activity, which we are highly competent and experienced in. We have planned and arranged gardens different in styles and size, and for us, costumer’s needs always come first.

Nature always offers its vivacious and constant change.

Greensun tries to use various chemical products as little as possible. This is the only planet we have got and therefore we must protect our environment as much as we can. Thus, with our contribution we could preserve the beautiful diversity of nature and enable the new generations that follow us to enjoy all the things we take for granted. GREENSUN © 2009
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